“The Worlds only coffee with controlled natural caffeine”

TrueStart Performance Coffee has been developed for athletes by athletes to enable us to track and customise the amount of natural caffeine we intake to help with training and concentration. This is thanks to technology which gives us an assured 95mg of caffeine per scoop whereas regular coffees levels can vary massively from 50mg-300mg per cup.


But does it work? Short answer from trying it. Yes. I tried Truestart for the first time on the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive. It was a 55 mile ride with close to 4000ft of climbing. The week before I cycled 56 miles with 3500ft of climbing and absolutley ‘bonked’ with 10 miles to go. But on the Sportive I felt so much better. Before setting off I had a drink of TrueStart and then at the feed station 25 miles in I had another. I was also lucky enough to meet the founders on TrueStart there, Simon and Helena Hills. I felt much stronger and focused and my performance was much better than the previous weeks ride. I didn’t change anything from the two rides, except had TrueStart for the Sportive.

How does it taste? My opinion, Great. It’s a really nice coffee. It’s made from pure Colombian Arabica Coffee beans and it tasted as nice as any other coffee you can buy. Only this has the added benefits for athletes. I only tried it hot, it does say on the website it tastes great cold too.

Where can I get it from? TrueStart is available online from Wiggle or in stores of Holland & Barrett. Take a look at where’s the nearest on sale to you here.

For more info check out TrueStarts website.