This week I have been testing out the Sub Sports Elite cycling jersey and Dual shorts. I’ve worn the kit on two rides and have been impressed!

Sub Sports is a British brand of performance clothing specialising in baselayers and compression kit. The brand was founded close to me in North Yorkshire back in 2008 and has since expanded into the world of cycling.

What I have reviewed are;

  1. Elite Mens S/S Cycle Jersey – £29.00

The Elite jersey comes in a range of colour options and is competitively priced at £29.00. As you can see from the photos I’m no lean mean racing machine and so got an XL size jersey which is the size I usually wear in other brands. I found the Sub Sports Jersey a little tighter than my others but not uncomfortably tight.


The material is 100% Polyester and feels very good and breathable when cycling. I found it helped keep me cool and the breathable nature of the jersey helped transfer moisture (sweat) away and off my body.

The jersey comes with a full zip on the front and three pockets on the back with a reflective logos. The pockets don’t have a zip and seem a little more shallow then some but if you’re a minimalist like me and don’t carry everything like bananas, tubes, jackets, kitchen sink in your jersey then they are big enough – my phone and a spare tube fit easily in the pockets and felt secure.

Around the bottom of the jersey at the back  is a rubber strip which keeps the jersey tight and in place when worn. It allows you to get out the saddle and drop back down seated without worrying about it riding up your back or flapping in the wind.


Overall for the price this is a great product and I’ll certainly continue to wear Sub Sports kit.

2. Dual mens cycle shorts – £30.00

The Dual shorts are a great purchase for any cyclist. As the name suggests these shorts have a dual purpose and are compression shorts as well as cycling shorts. The compression technology targets muscle groups to help increase power and endurance – I haven’t used them on a long ride yet (less than 30 miles each time) but on both rides my legs felt strong.

dual shorts

The shorts are very comfy too. Made from 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane, and fit really well. As i did for the jersey, I went for size XL and they fit perfect. Again like the jersey the material was breathable, transporting sweat away from the legs and body. The padding is one of the best I’ve worn too and can be compared to much more expensive shorts on the market.

The shorts come in a range of colours too to allow you to match your bike or club colours. (Got to look good haven’t we).

Overall these are great shorts, perfect for all year round use. The logos across the top band and on the leg give the shorts a modern and neat look and I look forward to wearing them on some longer rides.