Getting the right nutrition and energy for cycling is vital in performing at your best. Whether you’re racing, wanting to get a KOM on Strava or just wanting to improve your avg speeds and distance we all try and cram in energy gels and bars prior to and during a ride, usually full of additives and if you have dietary requirements e.g. Gluten Free, it may be a struggle to find snacks you can have… well look no further.

This week I tried some NRG bites whilst on a couple of rides and was impressed with the taste and nutrition of them. I also like how they come hand wrapped which gives it the personal touch. These products are also gluten, dairy, wheat, refined sugar free and vegan ensuring anyone with dietary requirements can have them.


NRG Bites are made by a 16 year old entrepreneur, Matty Taylor, and are made from a mixture of the finest nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices, fruit zests and chocolate. The flavours available are ‘Cherry and Dark Chocolate’ ‘Apple and Cinnamon’ ‘Orange and Ginger’ ‘Cranberry Pistachio & Fennel’ and ‘Spiced Berry’. I tried the ‘Apple and Cinnamon’ and ‘Spiced Berry’ Bites which tasted great! 

Even two time Tour de France winner Chris Froome gives them the thumbs up.

NRG bites get the thumbs up from Froome

NRG bites get the thumbs up from Froome.

For more information or to order some check them out on Facebook.