A new crowdfunded bike lock called SkunkLock has been created  and as you may of guessed by the name it emits a strong bad smell when cut that it’s inventors claim is “pretty much immediately vomit inducing”.

Inventors Daniel Idzkowski and Yves Perrenoud from San Francisco were “fed up with thefts” after having their and their friends bikes stolen in separate incidents.

They created the U-shape lock made from Carbon and Steel and left the inside hollow. In there they add three gas canisters with their own (bad smelling) concoction in. When a would-be thief begins cutting into the lock the gas will erupt where the opening is producing the bad smell.

Idkowski said; “It’s pretty much immediately vomit inducing, causes difficulty breathing… A lot of similar symptoms to pepper spray.”

The lock hasn’t been officially tested on anyone other than themselves and friends but have found the lock works. It has been tested at different distances away with them saying; “At two feet it was pretty bad. It was absolutely vomit inducing in 99% of people. At five feet it’s very noticeable and the initial reaction is to move away from it. At 10ft it’s definitely detectable and very unpleasant.”

The lock is not full-proof and the inventors have acknowledged that. What they have also said is that the SkunkLock is “a deterrent lock, not a solution.” with the smell it emits and how it lingers on skin and clothes it will definitely make a bike thief think twice.

You can check the product and inventors out on their crowdfunding page here where $99 could get you a SkunkLock in the summer of 2017.