Winter is here and the nights are drawing in meaning we’re starting to need lights for our rides. With so many on the market ranging in price from £15 – £150 it can be hard to know what to buy.

If you’re on a budget the ever popular ‘cree’ light is available from ebay for around £15.00 and offers great brightness and battery life for a relatively small price.

What you get: 

  1. The main unit headlamp
  2. Two rubber mounting straps
  3. Charger
  4. Battery pack

Setting up:

Setting up is easy and self explanatory. The headlamp fits onto your handlebars and is fit in place by one of the rubber straps. The battery pack can be easily strapped onto your bike (we put it on our toptube) and then the lead from the headlamp is fitted into the lead from the battery pack which gives you the battery life. When not in the use, the battery pack can be charged in an electric socket by the charger.

The light:

The Cree light offers an impressive 5000 lumens and can light up your surroundings bright and clear. It has three brightness settings that can be easily changed by pressing the big button on the back of the unit. We found the brightest setting was too bright when others were around is it would ‘blind’ them.

The lamp can only be on a constant setting (although other cree lights might be different) so the flashing setting is not an option on this.

We used this light in the rain on one occasion and is advertised as ‘waterproof’. It was fine in the rain for the hour or two we tested it and didn’t show any adverse effects from the rain.

All in all it’s a great peice of kit for the price. The only downside really is the fact you have to carry the battery pack on your bike for the light to work. A small sacrifice in our eyes for the low price these lights can be purchased for.

Please note:

Although a great light for a great price this ISN’T road legal so we advise you not to use on the roads but for off road use lighting up trails etc.

For more information on the regulations click here.